Monday, 18 July 2011

On your marks..

As the shoe stores very quickly run out of empty shoeboxes during September / October, we urge you to start collecting your shoeboxes (medium sized) now. It is good fun for you children to decorate the boxes, so get them involved now, as the last minute rush often interferes with the possibility of an end result with "soul".

Here is a reminder of how to pack you box.

What have we been up to...

The first half of the year has rushed by and with Cape Town in the midst of an Indian Summer, Christmas almost seems close. The Kidz2Kidz Santa Shoebox Team has been hard at work. We had our first SSB conference in April, business strategy sessions in May, confirmed our 35 satellites (15 in 2010) in June and right now the place had upped considerably with the collection of beneficiary information and name lists for inclusion on our website.
Numbers have not been finalised, but with Satellites up from 15 in 2010 to 35 in 2011 and recipient facilities up from 350 to around 611, doubling the number of boxes from last year (again!) is a huge possibility. Imagine that - around 60 000 children receiving a Santa Shoebox in 2011! And you will play an integral part in that great achievement! Kick off is planned for 1 September.